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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog your lunch, your coffee and...

Hey guys I think it would be fun if we post our personal experiences in other places not necessarily related to the club, but necessarily related to FOOD :) This way we can pass on knowledge to our friends and fans (hint, hint, superkid ;)).

So anyways, lately for lunch I have been having this great salads form Dilettante in downtown. They don't make the salads themselves, but it has a sticker that says: Gretchen's. Every time I have one, it is consistently fresh and the dressings are really good! They are pretty big too so I am never afraid of staying hungry after I eat one. AND yesterday I noticed they are the same salads that Starbucks sells, the only difference is that Starbucks puts a sticker with their name on it, but the contents are the same. So if one of this days you feel like having a healthy, fresh-tasting, cheap ($5-$6) salad, head out to the closest Starbucks or Dilettante.

Where We've Been... and Where We're Going

Where We've Been:
Aaron - September 23: Paseo Caribbean

...And Where We're Going (subject to change of course!):
Hannah - October 21: TBD
Tia - November 18: Kabul
Jerrod - December 16: Kingfish Cafe
Dan - January 2007: TBD
Federico - February 2007: The Mediterranean Kitchen
Lenny - March 2007: TBD
Travis* - April 2007: TBD
Wendy - May 2007: The Baguette Box

Tofu sandwich = yummy

I was one of the many folks that had the tofu sandwich and I'm definitely a fan. Tasty and filling all for a reasonable price. Messy though, so stock up on the napkin front. The messiness really adds to the experience so don't let that scare you away. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks again to the group for working with my transportation woes and bringing all the food to my place to picnic on the floor. Next time I'll clean up abit before having you all over.

I'm looking forward to the next outing. I wonder where we'll go. Hmmm.....

Monday, September 25, 2006


Ok, Aaron you are a genius!!! How delicious. The tofu sandwich was so good. It was full of flavor and a kick of spicy, just perfect. One thing I'd say though is that it had a bit too much mayo so if you are not a mayonnaise fan, ask for no mayo or little mayo, cause they are not afraid to use it.

The ambiance, I'd say stays a bit too true to the restaurant's inspiration, and it has limited sitting, so recommendation: order "to go."

I will definitely go back many times...Really, really good!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paseo Caribbean

GREAT CHOICE, Aaron! Sandwiches were in about the $6-7 range. Entrees were in the $10 range. I had an awesome "tofu con gusto" entree -- well-spiced tofu in a garlicky, red pepper sauce with rice, beans, and corn on the cob. I <3 Paseo's! I didn't try any of the chicken or pork sandwiches, but everything looked great!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's Finally Arrived...

Well our first official meeting of The Ladies Who Lunch is here. We are just about to head out the door to Paseo Caribbean. This is Aaron's choice and I think it is safe to say that we are all excited. I will be bringing my camera to document this momentous occasion. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 15, 2006

diVino: wine, cuisine, inspiration

This Sunday, September 17th, a new wine bar in Seattle is having it's grand opening and we are invited. It is called diVino and it is owned by the same family who owns La Vita E Bella and Mondello. I have an affinity for both these places. Wendy almost burned down La Vita E Bella. And Tia, Aaron and I frequent Mondello so much that they are starting to know us. Hence the invitation to the grand opening of diVino. Tia, Aaron, Wendy and I will be attending. It is from 6pm-10pm. There will be free food and wine... need I say more. I think it would be a fun experience for all of us. Well... That and we'll need some help keeping Wendy away from the open flames!

Address: 5310 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Peace Out!!!!

Tipping: How Much is Appropriate?

A timely article about tipping waitstaff. Tipping can be a controversial topic among groups. My dad used to work for tips (as a SF Chinatown tour guide) when he was young, so I've always been raised to tip generously. For the past 10 years, I've generally tipped 20 percent. I try to tip reasonably well even when service is bad, which may defeat the whole purpose.

But what about tipping at the little local grocery stores, coffee shops, and other places? What about tipping your hairdresser? I never know what's appropriate. So here's my list -- I'm curious about what the rest of you do:

Restaurants: Minimally 20 percent (of the subtotal) unless the service is really egregious -- then I'll leave about 15 percent. And in nice restaurants I try to tip a little more than 20 percent. Another weird thing I do when I'm paying with a debit card is to always make my total end on a round number (either a whole dollar or 50 cent increment). It's my OCD.

Local grocery stores: No tip! I think it's seriously wrong to have a tip jar at a grocery store!! Occasionally I'll leave the pennies I get with my change.

Coffee shops: Generally I'll leave the coins from my change except for the quarters. (Hey, I need them for my laundry!)

Hair dresser: 25 percent (but I never tip separately to the person who actually washes my hair. I've always kind of assumed that Amy tips out; maybe I'm really just being rude to the person who washes my hair!! Oops!)

Hotel housekeeping: This is one area where I am really, REALLY bad about tipping. I almost always forget! If I remembered I would probably leave $1/day, but I know that's probably not enough these days.

Shuttle drivers or taxi drivers: I usually tip 10-15 percent. Or if it's the kind of shuttle that makes a pre-set, short route to and from the airport or something, I'll tip $1 per bag if they help me with my luggage (and zippo if I have to haul it all myself).

What do you all think?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Welcome everyone to the blog for our dining club (tentative name: Ladies Who Lunch).

About the club: We are a group of twenty- and thirty-somethings who live/work/play in Seattle and plan to visit a new restaurant every third Saturday of the month. We will aim to try somewhere that most people have never been to before so we can all enjoy lots of new culinary experiences.

Aaron - September 23
Hannah - October 21
Tia - November 18
Jerrod - December 16
Dan - January 2007
Federico - February 2007
Lenny - March 2007
Travis* - April 2007
Wendy - May 2007

*Travis, this list was alphabetical based on last names... but I didn't know your last name, so I just put you ahead of myself.

May I propose a few ground rules for the club?? Just a few to hopefully make this club work smoothly.

(1) Can whoever is organizing the group for the upcoming month (see list above) PLEASE post a little description about the restaurant - name if it's not a surprise, type of cuisine, price range, etc.? If you don't want to post it, send an email to a frequent poster and we will be happy to post on your behalf.

(2) Can we all make sure to RSVP to the month's organizer in advance -- we may be visiting some establishments that require reservations, especially for large groups. Maybe a week or two in advance? What say you all? And while we're on the topic of reservations, don't forget to use the account at Open Table. There's a permanent link to Open Table on the right side of the page as well. Use Rico's email address and the password provided earlier via email.

(3) Can we all try to bring cash each month to make things a little easier when it comes time to settle the tab?

Great. Now I'll get off my soapbox.

Yay, everyone -- I'm glad we're getting this off the ground!!