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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Black Bottle

This is one of Belltown's finest... Have now been there twice. A couple of the dishes from my first visit (with Dan & Hannah) were so amazing I kind of *influenced* Rico & Jerrod to order a couple of the same items.

Dan, Hannah, and I had the mussels, hanger steak, and chicken & dried cherry flatbread. The mussels were good -- but the hanger steak and chicken/cherry flatbread were amazing. But the truly memorable dish was the dessert: a peach and blueberry tart served with a jar of whipping cream. Yum! That dessert is on my list of all-time faves... So Jerrod, Rico and I ordered (very similar menu): hanger steak, chicken & dried cherry flatbread, and fried tofu served with a peanut sauce. We also ordered the peach and blueberry tart along with a chocolate cake that was served with vanilla gelato. I was kinda "meh" on the chocolate cake. I still loved the peach and blueberry tart.

We also had a super hot (straight) waiter who checked in on us a few times. There were many hot guys to check out. Rico, Jerrod, and I have no gay-dar, but I think it was pretty split between straight guys out with their girlfriends and gay guys out with their hags.

Black Bottle would make a great first date restaurant. The food is inventive, but accessible, and there's just a cool, hip but casual vibe. I love all the unique light fixtures and the fuzzy, upholstered sliding barn doors.

Black Bottle in Seattle