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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog your lunch, your coffee and...

Hey guys I think it would be fun if we post our personal experiences in other places not necessarily related to the club, but necessarily related to FOOD :) This way we can pass on knowledge to our friends and fans (hint, hint, superkid ;)).

So anyways, lately for lunch I have been having this great salads form Dilettante in downtown. They don't make the salads themselves, but it has a sticker that says: Gretchen's. Every time I have one, it is consistently fresh and the dressings are really good! They are pretty big too so I am never afraid of staying hungry after I eat one. AND yesterday I noticed they are the same salads that Starbucks sells, the only difference is that Starbucks puts a sticker with their name on it, but the contents are the same. So if one of this days you feel like having a healthy, fresh-tasting, cheap ($5-$6) salad, head out to the closest Starbucks or Dilettante.


Blogger wendy_kei said...

i agree. i'll definitely be posting stuff that's only somewhat related to the dining club but 100% related to food!!!

2:38 PM


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