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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Our meal last night at Lark was superb -- this was probably one of the best dining club meals so far. The atmosphere was great (the restaurant itself is gorgeous!) and the reasonable noise level made it possible for all of us to enjoy the great (if somewhat tasteless) conversation. I am pretty sure it's the nicest meal I've ever had while conversing about penises and how many places in which a person can be penetrated. I'm glad our waitress had a good sense of humor. Bless her heart!

Lark offers small plates, though their small plates are actually reasonably portioned. Our waitress suggested sharing 2-3 plates per person, and offered to put together a menu for us. Gotta give her props for the selection! It was outstanding! We had so many dishes, I will probably miss some of them... But here's what I remember:
  • Cheese plate (can't remember the specific types - one was a soft cheese, another was a bleu cheese... they were all wonderful picks)
  • Prosciutto with quince jam
  • Pork loin with spiced Marcona almonds and garlic (this was probably my favorite!!)
  • Steamed mussels
  • Hamachi (yellowtail) with fennel
  • Foie gras (poor little yummy duckies)
  • Beef tartare (yum-o!)
  • Crispy pork belly with dates (I could've eaten a plate of just the dates!!)
  • Ricotta nudi (sp?? I thought these were kinda bland) with some kind of greens sauteed with bacon
And for dessert, we had:
  • Apple/ginger crisp (I loved the ginger!!)
  • Pineapple tarte tartin (this was my favorite dessert - it tasted like pineapple upside down cake but with puff pastry instead of cake)
  • Chocolate madeleines with a chocolate dipping sauce
  • Meyer lemon parfait (a bit too lemony for me)

All in all, a fabulous evening!

AND, for those who were wondering last night... Per www.m-w.com:


Main Entry: pe·nis

Pronunciation: 'pE-n&sFunction: nounInflected

Form(s): plural pe·nis·es also pe·nes /'pE-(")nEz/

Etymology: Latin, penis, tail; akin to Old High German faselt penis, Greek peos

Lark in Seattle


Blogger hannah said...

I love the lemon parfait. I spent the entire desert wishing that I had ordered the lemon parfait instead of the apple crisp - which was good but not great.
I would also like to put in a plug for the nettle soup. I was the only person who ordered the soup and was unwilling to share with anyone (although nobody else seemed that interested...) and you all missed out. The soup is a deep, leafy green and served in a black bowl, making a dramatic presentation. It is sprinkled with a few crispy onion strips and tastes (and looks) just like spring time. I thought it was deleicous and such a treat to see nettles on the menu.

3:23 PM


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