A dining club for hip, young Seattleites meets once a month for dinner and drinks. High jinks ensue.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long Time, No Post!

OK everyone... the dining club is back in effect. After taking June off due to the inability of basically anyone to come (though Lenny, Travis and I did have some fine Ezell's chicken -- as Lenny pointed out it came to about $5/person, which was way cheaper than the Kingfish...), on Sat July 21, the Ladies made a triumphant return at Cafe Presse. Lenny picked Cafe Presse after getting a recommendation from a co-worker (?) and reading some great reviews in the paper.

Definitely had a cool vibe to the atmosphere. It's definitely a hip, Capitol Hill kind of place. I didn't eat much (tomatoes served with olive tapenade; I had to ask for bread on the side though and earned a death glare from our waitress for the request) because I had the jitters from the out of the blue, random "I've been crazy about you for so long" bus stop confession and kiss from this guy who I've known (but not very well) from around the neighborhood for the last couple of years. Sorry, Lenny, but the confession/kiss was actually the highlight of the night for me... although the brownie we shared later at Flying Fish was a pretty close second!! Yum-o! I love brownies! Too bad the ice cream on the side had a weird freezer burn texture. Surprising for such a classy restaurant...

Overall ratings (scale of 1-10):

Cafe Press:

  • Atmosphere - 7/10 (loud, but hip)
  • Food - N/A (I didn't eat enough to actually rate this, but everyone's steak frites looked good)
  • Service - 5/10 (due to the death glare when I asked for some bread and subsequent diss when I asked for a refill on my soda)

Flying Fish:

  • Atmosphere - 8/10 (classy, fun)
  • Food - 10/10 for the brownie; 4/10 for the ice cream
  • Service - 10/10 (our waitress was sweet and fun and personable!)

Yay, thanks for another fun night, Ladies!