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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I vote for Bellevue

Mediterranean Kitchen in Queen Anne was fairly good. I had their shish-chicken (I apologize I do not remember the rest of the name), but it was grilled chicken marinated with lemon topped with a delicious "Mediterranean sauce" - yah I can't remember the name either, what a looser! -
Over rice. I liked the simplicity of the rice. In my dish balanced perfectly all the flavors from the sauce and the chicken.

The main dish comes with salad (Delicious vinaigrette!!! And they sell it to take home) and a VERY good lentil soup.

Service I think needs a lot, the same with the venue decoration and the background music, unless you are into elevator music.

Although food was good and company great, I think I still keep Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. The ambiance is way nicer, servers are very good (and cute), a larger menu and the food in better in my opinion. It seems like it is that side of the family who has grandma's recipe book :)

Oh! Shish Tawook!!! that is the name of the dish


Blogger wendy_kei said...

Hahaha! I forgot to mention the service in my post. Oh and the lentil soup! How could I forget the lentil soup?? It was so yummy!!

10:21 AM

Blogger hannahbanana said...

I also had the shish tawook - which was delicious, the sauce was very flavorful. I agree with what Wendy said about the salad - and I like lettuce so that's not the gripe, but a few more veggies wouldn't have killed anyone. The dressing was really good.
Hummus was good, lentil soup was good. Things were good. The service was a little lacking but the people that worked there were so cute (not in a jump your bones kind of way, in a sweet way) so their bumbling was kind of endearing. I thought.
Wendy, stop talking smack about cupcake royale! When was the last time you sauntered into simply desserts to be rewarded with FREE cake products? That being said the chocolate white chocolate cake was so tasty - I ate the whole slice. Mmm, mmm good.

9:07 PM


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