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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mediterranean Kitchen - Yum, Yum, Yum!

I heart Mediterranean cuisine! I had a delicious salmon with a nut topping and a delicious yogurt sauce. The dressing on the salmon was divine!! I would definitely order this again... I had heard that the portions at this place were humongous, but my salmon was nicely portioned. Or else I just eat a lot.

My only gripes: 1) The rice was a teensy bit bland -- it's really hard not to compare it to the rice at Kabul since the food is similar... and Kabul has such delicious, flavorful rice that the rice at the MedKit was a little disappointing. 2) The salad was just a plain garden variety salad. The lettuce was a bit wilty and there were only like 2 pieces of cucumber and tomato. Since I don't eat lettuce, I didn't get much out of the salad. But I have to give major props to the dressing, which was SUPER tasty. Not too vinegar-y and not too sweet or heavy. Delish!

Following the MedKit, we journeyed to Fremont to stop at Simply Desserts. Every night that ends at Simply Desserts ends well. I had the Chocolate Truffle cake, which was heaven on a plate. As I pointed out that night, the difference between cake from Simply Desserts and cake from other bakeries is that the cake portion is actually delicious in its own right -- at most other places (i.e., Cupcake Royale), the cake is really secondary to the frosting!! At Simply Desserts, they could serve me just a plain ol' piece of cake with zero frosting and I would be totally sated. That cake was totally worth the 2,000 calories I'm sure it contained. I loved that we all ordered something different, so I could sample all kinds of cakes I've never had before. Every single one was totally delicious and worth ordering again!


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