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Friday, February 02, 2007

Where the Chefs Eat

The Seattle P-I had an article today listing the favorite restaurants of some of Seattle's top chefs... (Note Andaluca chef Wayne Johnson's favorite guilty pleasure: it's a grilled PB&J sandwich!! That's my favorite too!)

Chefs and restaurant owners divulge their food favorites

I would love to try all the restaurants that are mentioned that I've never been to before. It's all *food for thought* for future dining club picks!!!

Here are the ones mentioned that I have tried:
  • Red Mill, Dick's, McDonald's, and Tacos Guaymas
  • Shanghai Garden - love their hand-shaved noodles!!! This is probably my favorite "regular" Chinese restaurant in Seattle. They don't serve dim sum, though.
  • Le Panier - French pastries in the PPM. Ahhhh!
  • Wild Ginger - A standby for special occasions...
  • Canlis - Another standby for special occasions. I love how personable the staff are and how retro the place feels. The owners come out and greet you and tell you about the restaurant's history... It's a nice touch.
  • Restaurant Zoe - excellent food... I had a white fish -- maybe trout or halibut -- served in a delicious, delicious sauce... I wish I could remember exactly what was in it, but it was amazing!
  • Boat Street Kitchen - well, I've been to the restaurant back when it was the Boat Street Cafe and was located in the U-District - it was like $13 for two poached eggs and 3 mini new potatoes... give me a break. I know it's about quality not quantity, but I like to feel like I actually ate something at the end of a meal.
  • Baguette Box - love the lemongrass skirt steak!
  • Honey Hole - love the divey atmosphere and seitan sandwich!
  • Top Pot - Go at 5 min. to closing and you will get a great deal on more donuts than one person can eat by themselves.
Amazingly, I've never been to any of the *nice* restaurants that are in the vicinity of PPM (other than 94 Stewart). I would love to try Campagne, Pink Door, and Le Pichet... Unfortunately, when I go to the PPM, I'm usually thinking about potential dining deals instead of white tablecloth experiences.

I've also been hearing such great things about Cremant (the new French/Korean fusion place in Madrona) and their $28 burger... Cremant is officially on my list of things to do in 2007...


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