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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Maltby Cafe - Sunday

OMG! Cinnamon rolls are divine and the salads overly ample. Try the half-Cobb Salad for $7.95 and you won't leave the restaurant hungry. Top that off with a cinnamon roll to share $4.95 and you have the perfect reason to celebrate gluttony!


Blogger wendy_kei said...

I was definitely admiring Robert's and Rico's "half" salads on Sunday. They were HUGE and instead of being a 9:1 ratio of lettuce to good stuff (i.e., avocado, turkey, etc.), it was more like 2:1 good stuff to lettuce.

My scramble was excellent as well. Their bread rivals Louisa's!! And the cinnamon roll was pure heavenly goodness!!!

Sunday was a fun day all around!

1:49 PM

Blogger fj.montero said...

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