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Monday, October 02, 2006

Dining Notes for October 2, 2006

This weekend I had the pleasure of having lunch at Racha on Queen Anne with Mike and Sue Veseth. (Mike is the prof I went to Prague with and Sue is his wife.) Enjoyed a nice conversation as well as several fabulous dishes: Ginger Garden with Chicken (similar to the dish I always order at Jamjuree), Sweet and Sour with Pork, and Green Beans. YUM! What a treat!

I also binged with Tia on pastries and lattes from Starbucks on Saturday night... Highly digestible carbs were a necessity to sustain us during our (Arrested Development, Season 3) marathon. And while I am the first to say that Starbucks pastries are kinda "meh" in comparison to some of Seattle's fine artisanal bakeries and independent coffee houses, the pastries definitely served their purpose. The sugar rush was exactly what I needed to stay awake until midnight!!!

And now tonight I'll get to enjoy Caribbean cuisine at Casuelita's with Tam & Elissa. Casuelita's is one of my favorite spots in Belltown.

I am eating well this week!


Blogger fj.montero said...

wow girl, leave some food for us ;)...I'll be updating my eatin' experiences soon.

1:24 PM


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