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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thanks for kicking things off, Hannah. Yes, I agree. The food was excellent and inventive. I think that the only (small) gripe I had was the portion sizes. Now, I know that meals should be about quality and not quantity, but I have to admit that after three courses I was hungry a bit later in the evening. Sigh. Since I'm on a weight loss kick, I think this is OK. In fact, it's probably a good thing. In any case, better to have small portions and excellent, excellent, excellent food than go to the Claim Jumper for a two-pound piece of steak that tastes suspiciously like A1 sauce.

My favorite thing at Tilth of course was the bourbon pecan pie with bourbon ice cream. Yum-mo (to quote Rachel Ray)!!! And the corn milk creme brulee--that was totally unexpected!!

As for the main courses, my salmon was delicious. The arugula/bleu cheese/walnut/pear salad I had was tasty, even if it was a common dish (aside from the whole 95% organic thing).


Blogger Pohlito said...

Tilth was excellent. I really enjoyed the portion sizes, sampler vs. entree. I appreciated the waitress that explained the food as well as offered some suggestions for pairing.

The French Melon and Feta dish was tasty, but the melon itself wasn't ripe. Instead, it was cruncy and fairly bland. Luckily the feta and mint-infused olive oil made up for it.

The macaroni and cheese was absolutely gorgeous. Warm, cheesy, crunchy crust...MMMM! The ragout was tasty as well, again blander than I prefer, it needed salt and something a bit more to make it truly delightful.

I loved the caramel apple plate. Bite-sized pieces of apple, scooped with a melon baller; fresh made caramel from scratch, all sitting on a bed of finely minced pecans. Delish! The warm, spiced, apple cider shot was a pleasant finish.

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