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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I was in charge (sort of) so it makes sense I'll need to kick this off

The group headed to Tilth in Wallingford for the second gathering of Ladies Who Lunch.
This was a last minute, snap decision and worked out pretty well considering. They did a good job accomodating us despite a moment of reservation uncertainty, in which Rico nearly got our reservation cancelled at the last minute - just because you couldn't come is no reason to take it out on the rest of us!
Tilth is a new addition to the scene and their whole thing is being certified organic. What this means (as our server informed us) is that 95% of what's on the menu is certified organic and the remainder is foraged or found (like in the woods). Which I think is great and was one of the things that drew me there in the first place. It is kind of like mixing politics and firmly held beliefs with your meal though, so it's possible that not everyone will think this is as fantastic as I do.
Tilth is in a converted bungalow on 45th, very fresh and bright inside. Really comfortable. Beautiful place settings and flat ware. Over all a really nice, well put together place.
And the food - the food I thought was phenomenal. Everything on the menu comes in 2 sizes, making it possible to mix and match and share with others to your little hearts content. I started off with the Tilth version of French Onion Soup. It was in a beef broth with a delicious toasted bread/cheese yummy thing and just a bit of melt-in-your-mouth beef (grassfed!) in the center of the bowl. Quite good. Next I had the smaller size rare seared albacore tuna with heriloom tomatoes. This was also delicious and is supposedly caught in such a way that catches the smaller, younger tuna so your mercury exposure is very low. See what I mean about the whole mixing of dinner with environmental concerns?
Next was dessert. As a table we sampled all of their dessert options. There was delicious pecan pie with bourbon ice cream, huckleberry tart with black pepper ice cream, miniature caramel apples (so cute and fun!), creme brulee (somehow featuring corn) with sugared bacon (weird sounding but truly delicious) and a chocolate/grahm cracker/marshmallow thing that was oddly dissapointing (IMHO).
In summary - I liked Tilth. I would go back. It would be an excellent place to go on a date...now all I need is somebody to take me on a date. Anybody?


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