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Friday, October 27, 2006

Pumpkin Bread from Starbucks

Now, I love pumpkin bread and I love coffee and I love that at this time of year you can get both items at several area coffee shops. While Starbucks might not be my first choice of a place to frequent (far too many awesome neighborhood joints in Seattle for that) I don't have a deep loathing for the place either. They treat their employee's pretty well, the staff is generally friendly (if not a bit over caffeinated) and the goods are passable. So the other day when I had a few minutes before my chiropractic appointment I had no qualms or reservations about hitting up the Starbucks that is just around the corner. I got a latte and a slice of their pumpkin bread. To be honest, even though this is clearly fall, clearly pumpkin season the thought that pumpkin bread might be available hadn't crossed my mind, so I was pretty excited to see it in the display case at Starbucks - life was looking pretty good. The latte was perfectly respectable (maybe it could have been hotter, maybe there could have been a little more oomph there but nothing to detract from the enjoyment). I turned my attention to the pumpkin bread, took a bite...and was kind of revolted. While it tasted fine and the consistency was good and it had been thoroughly baked it left my mouth feeling like it had been coated with some kind of viscous, plastic-like, oily substance. It was gross and it stuck with me for a long time despite trying to watch the effect down with some coffee. Now I haven't had pumpkin bread from Starbucks in about a year (or any kind of Starbucks produced pastry for that matter as I tend to go in for their offering from Top Pot Doughnuts, which is another thing I appreciate about Starbucks) so I have to ask - has it always been like this? Perhaps Wendy or Tia could shed some light on the issue given their recent foray into the world of the Starbucks Pastry.


Blogger Pohlito said...

Yes, I'd agree the many breads at Starbucks are not very enjoyable. They must use a low-quality vegetable oil for the fat, it leaves a greasy mess on your fingers that you can see when wiped on one of their recycled paper napkins. They should work with their bakery to develop a low-fat, applesauce bread that tastes great.

10:09 AM

Blogger wendy_kei said...

No, honestly, I try to not eat Starbucks pastries because I think they're such a low quality. I think it's the preservatives they use. I do like their pumpkin spiced chai because the syrup they use for the pumpkin spice is better than any of the other places I've tried. Usually for pastries I go to the Online Coffee Company because they carry locally made baked goods (the same organic/vegan stuff you can buy at PCC or Madison Market) that are delish!!

10:30 AM


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