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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Serious Pie!

Last night, Dan and I went to Serious Pie, Tom Douglas's latest venture (just behind the Dahlia Lounge). We were planning to go to the cajun place on 1st, but it's only open for dinner on the weekends. I can't say our diversion was a disappointment!!

Now, as you all know, I very, very RARELY eat pizza. About the only time I request that we eat pizza is when I go home to the Bay Area and I make a point of going to Zachary's in Berkeley. (Bear with me, this is only a slight digression.) Zachary's is the bomb because it is a deep dish, with a thick crust. The outer crust at the edge is like three inches high and crisp, but the crust in the middle is soft and chewy and topped with tomatoes, sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you pick (they're famous for their spinach and mushroom pie). It is heaven on earth!!! I am usually full after one piece because they're huge, but then I force myself to eat a second and some times third piece because I know I won't be back for awhile.

Serious Pie on the other hand makes its pizzas with delicious, gourmet-ish toppings and a super thin crust. So thin in fact that it's almost like you're not eating anything but air, which is how I justified consuming essentially a whole "cherry bomb pepper and fennel sausage" pizza on my own last night. Yum-mo!

Prices at Serious Pie, by the way, were fairly reasonable - about $14 or so for an 11" pizza, which could be consumed by one, or split between two people if they also order an appetizer to share or if they're both anorexic.

After dinner, we went to Nordstrom. Dan bought shoes (he brought me for moral support and encouragement when he handed the plastic over) and we browed the half-yearly sale. He made me try on this beautiful pink and black Diane von Furstenberg dress that was so complicated it required higher level math and two sales girls to explain how to put the thing on. The result was--well, let's just say that it's definitely the kind of dress I'd rather wear on a night when I haven't just consumed an entire pizza.

A fun evening all in all. I highly recommend Serious Pie. I don't know that it quite reaches the mark set by Zachary's, but the pizza was still damn good and since it's such a different style of pizza it's probably not fair to compare the two.


Blogger fj.montero said...

I dream of the day I will be an anorexic girl and share a pizza made out of air! For now I'll have to be content with easily eating 1/2 of a large or medium pizza from olimpia pizza, and the only reason I dont eat a whole one is because the other half ussually has meat in it!

10:51 AM

Blogger hannahbanana said...

Nothing will ever compare to Zachary's. Nothing. Ever.

8:28 PM

Blogger wendy_kei said...

It's true - Zachary's is the best pizza ever created.

12:44 PM

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