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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kabul - Saturday

I enjoyed Kabul. I found eating authentic (or nearly so) Afghani foods helped my appreciation of the novel, The Kite Runner.


Blogger wendy_kei said...

I LOVE KEBABS! To quote my sister, Ally, who frequently quotes Borat: "Niiiiice!! High five!"

3:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Kabul, and I find these comments ridiculously naive. I haven't seen Borat, nor do I plan to. The rest of the world is starting to hate Americans and Borat isn't really helping out. Mocking cultures and ancient peoples is insulting and shows how ignorance.

Furthermore, if you think stuffing your face with kebabs, made in a clean sanitary eatery in Seattle, in any way gives you insight to the life of Kabul, or provides for you a window into the Kite Runner, I suggest you pull that silver hooka out of your cheese pipe and wake up.

8:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met the owner of Kabul one afternoon at the Intercon Hotel. He was sitting in the small coffee shop by the phone card dealers booth. He had been trying to sell some of his families property left unattended since the Soviet invasion in 1979. He mentioned that he was encountering the mafia business of modern Kabul. Everyone wanted a finger in the pie of HIS families land and houses.

The old city he had known as a boy is gone forever, replaced by greed.

He gave us his business card, and someday I will visit there to see if he will remember me from across the other side of the world.

8:58 AM


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